Gorilla Press

The idea of a wrestler and a fan, Gorilla Press has a goal of taking a fun approach to wrestling merchandise that merges pro wrestling with our other passions, Art, Comics, and Pop Culture.

We believe pro wrestling is at its best when it's visually stimulating, bold and spectacular. We strive for all of our products to embody these qualities, which is why we have paired up with some extraordinary artists to collaborate with so we can best represent our brand and the larger than life characteristics of our sponsored athletes.

Not only do we want to build something that represents fans and wrestlers in a creative way, but we want to give back to the athletes who make this all possible. We have teamed up with a number of wrestlers and promotions who share our vision, and will help them through our different sponsorship and profit sharing programs. This is important to us and an aspect of the brand we want to grow and evolve as we continue to grow and evolve as a merchant.